WOW! Thank you for such a wonderful concert tonight. I am very proud of all of you! Your attention and dedication to the task at hand was commendable. I really appreciate all of your hard work on this music. I hope you are proud of the terrific job you did. You should be very proud of the progress of the orchestra in only 1 week!

As an ensemble, you have made tremendous progress. Keep it up!


Winter Concert is Monday, December 5th, 7pm.

Call time for chorus and orchestra is 6pm in the chorus room.

  • Be on time, dressed, and ready to warm up at 6pm.
  • Ladies: Black top, black pants, black shoes (no heels!) Light/natural makeup, no perfume.
  • Men: Black dress shirt, pants, socks, shoes. Tie is optional. No cologne.
  • Everyone: hair should be fixed out of your eyes. No flashy jewelry.

I’m looking forward to making music with you!

Complicated, but worth it.