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People Appreciate Moderated Facebook Groups

love-communityHere’s a small collection of comments from  members of my beloved opera group. I’ve discussed the management of that community in detail in two previous posts: The Value of Curated Content on Facebook, and Administering a Gated Community on Facebook.

The members of Met Opera Live in HD Fans Facebook group give me a few reasons to make a group really great:

So happy to think of spending the afternoon with my favorite group at my favorite activity! Do you know I have mostly given up going to the movies and mostly watching TV because nothing compares to Met Live in HD? I’d rather be reading or going to the opera with my 7000 buds!

I think this list has gotten me through this past year. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The wonderful insights from folks re singers and performances are so delightful.

Thank you for reasonable administration and for setting out the ground rules clearly.

Thanks for all your hard work, Ann and administrators.

Thank you immensely for establishing the ground rules for this exceptional group.

Your hard work and sensible rules are what have made this such a wonderful, enjoyable group. Bravo, tutti!

Thanks so much for doing this. What an interesting and informative group!!

Thank you for help making this group possible! You guys ROCK!

Many thanks for establishing this page.

Thank you for this and for the recent doubling down on the group’s focus and curtailing off-topic posts. It has helped tremendously.

Very appreciative to be added to this group. Thank you.

Thank you for having me. I look forward to sharing the joy of opera. Pretty much a newcomer to your group, I thoroughly enjoy every last one of you. Thanks for putting out the “welcome mat.”

This page is an invaluable source for me; in helping to accomplishing my goals. Thank you.

Thanks to all you Admins!! This is one of the best run groups I’ve seen on FB.

This is a most wonderful group of interested and informed opera lovers and I love being part of the daily conversations that enrich my love of opera. Thanks for your founding of this forum and group of opera fans!

Thank you…Thank you…Thank you..for my opera lifeline.

Congratulations and well done – I really love this group!

Thank you everyone! This is a wonderful group to be a part of.

Grateful you took the plunge! Love this group.

Thanks to Ann and all the volunteers and fellow members who make this group so fantastic. Listening to Lucia di Lammermoor on BBC Radio 3 which I wouldn’t have known about it not for this group.

Having fallen in love with opera when I was fifteen….(and now am 90)…I must be among the oldest opera “buffs” in our wonderful group! I have been a member of Met Opera Live in HD Fans for about two years, and never miss a single observation or conversation on Facebook… I may not always agree with some opinions, but my horizons are broadened by them and I am still learning about this fascinating art form. I personally thank you and your partners Ann, for opening this window to hundreds of 15 year-olds who, without you, might never even wonder what “opera” is all about.

I love this group. Thank you 😉

Thank you for inviting me to join in. I have been enlightened, Entertained ,educated and appreciate the dialogue! Congratulations!

Thank you, Ann. This is a wonderful group and you all mean a great deal to me. I joined in 2012-ish and was so happy to discover a group of fans with whom I could share my renewed passion for opera. I’ve met a few folks here and formed solid friendships, and gained insight into opera that I otherwise would not have. Happy dance!

This is my favorite group of people.

Thank you so much for creating this group.

Simply incredible accomplishment Ann Caldwell Adair!! Well done!

I’m thankful for your creative vision. It’s enjoyable and very informative

Thanks everyone… It is a joy and an honor to be able to participate!!!!

I can’t remember when I joined but enjoyed it from the start!

Thank you so much dear Ann, and all of the wonderful administrators!!! You are all so wonderful and much appreciated, and the enthusiasm of this group is contagious!!

Thanks and congratulations, Ann. You are to be commended for your diligence in forming and administering this fabulous group. I look forward every day to reading the posts — the best way to keep up with the opera world. Bravo tutti to you and all of the administrators that keep this group on the right path. You are the best!

I joined here two years ago, in the Spring of 2014 , and it is one of the best things that ever happened to me! This group is and will always be my favorite of Facebook. I have met and gained many wonderful friends in these two wonderful years of being a member of this extraordinadry group. I enjoyed and keep enjoying all wonderful comments… we all agreed in many things and we also disagreed in many others and that is the magic of this group, we can all discuss, learn and have different ideas or opinions, whatever if is about our favorite (or less favorite) Opera singers, favorite conductors, stagings, performances, etc, etc… we always had so many interesting conversations! This group is so rich!!! We all have different minds, likes, we all are from different places, we all are so diverse BUT what gathered us here together is our love for our favorite art form, THE OPERA, and thanks to the Live in HD from the MET. Thank you, Ann Caldwell Adair, Pastor S. Blake Duncan, Nigel Gallimore, Kathleen Crisp, Ariadne Sophia Auf Naxos and Theresa McCarty for the wonderful , excellent work as administrators!!! This group is a TREASURE!!!!! <3 Congratulations!!!!! BRAVI TUTTI!!!!!!

Congratulations, Ann. This is an important group.

It’s great to be a member, Ann. People like you make this world of ours a much more pleasant place! Thank you.

My FB fav. Congratulations to all, but especially Ann for such a great achievement. Also love that this is a knowledgeable and civil group.

Love this group and all the comments and fascinating information that gets shared. Thanks for your insight in creating this group, Ann.

Thanks for all the work and time you’ve put into this very enjoyable group.

Thank you dearest Ann Caldwell Adair and all the administrators Pastor S. Blake Duncan, Nigel Gallimore, Kathleen Crisp, Ariadne Sophia Auf Naxos great job! I love this wonderful group. I learned so much here, there are so many people around the world willing to share their knowledge of the Opera, many thanks and continue to enjoy.

Thank you for such a great job. LOVE being part of this group. All best wishes.