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New Face Masks

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I made a little something for the opera group! Face masks are all the rage now, and necessary if we want to get back to having music in public together. Here are the first 4 mask designs: Akhnaten, Hojotoho!, Arches, and Voice. I’ve ordered all of them and will be posting pictures of how they look in real life. If you ordered one, and want to be featured here sporting your mask, let me know in the comments!

Philip Glass’ opera Akhnaten was the inspiration for this first mask. Drawing on artifacts from his reign, this design combines color and iconography to celebrate one of the highlights of the season.

The second mask, “Hojotoho,” celebrates the legendary valkyries. It also serves up a warning for those around you to keep their distance! Feel free to cut loose with your own majestic battle cry when picking up toilet paper at the supermarket!

Third, we have a more subtle design featuring the iconic arches of the Metropolitan Opera’s facade in Lincoln Center. These semi-transparent arches are repeated in a soothing, textural patten, paying tribute to the mecca of opera fans around the world. This is comes in 5 different colors, and is suitable for even the most conservative environments.

Lastly, this mask unleashes the threat of using one’s opera voice, while celebrating voices of the past: Enrico Caruso, Maria Callas, Luciano Pavarotti, and Leontyne Price.

I hope you find one you like! If you have a special request for a design, please let me know in the comments below!

Stay safe out there and protect those around you by wearing a mask.

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