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Explain the difference between a typeface and a font.

The typeface is the overall design family. The font is just one member of that family. For example, Times New Roman is a typeface, but Times New Roman 8pt Italic is a font. Each iteration of point size and style is a font from the typeface.

It is important to note that at this point in history, the terms typeface and font are used almost interchangeably with only the most pedantic of us insisting on the proper terminology.

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Define the four essential characteristics of typefaces.

  1. Serif v. Sans Serif
  2. Proportional v. Monospaced
  3. Text v. Display
  4. Alphanumeric v. Iconic

What is the difference between oblique and italic?

Oblique is a unique font within a typeface. Italic is a computer generated manipulation of the standard font.

What file format constitutes your editable original?​ What file formats are generally shared via the internet?

An editable original is a native word processing document, including .docx, .txt, .pub, etc. The best format for sharing digital design work is .pdf (Printable Document Format). A .pdf ensures that every user will see the same document as its author intended.

Include a link to the PDF you created containing an example of thoughtfully formatted text that is useful in your work.


Link to at least three resources online that contain text content you might use in your teaching.

  1. IMSLP Petrucci Music Library
  2. The Mutopia Project
  3. The New Yorker
  4. Tutorial: Beginning Graphic Design
  5. 55 Hand-picked Resources to Help You Learn Graphic Design Quickly

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