Exploring Video

What is frame rate? What frame rate is expected in professionally produced video files?

Frame rate is the frequency at which frames are displayed. Professionally produced videos typically use 30fps.

What file format constitutes your editable original?​ What file formats are generally shared via the internet?

Your editable original format will be whatever native format your editing program uses. The digital publishing format will likely be different from the editable format and should probably be MPEG-4 (using the .mp4 or .m4v extensions.) Other video formats found online include Flash video (.flv), Audio Video Interweave (.avi), Windows Media Video (.wmv), and many more.

How can you download a video from YouTube for use in an offline presentation?

Downloading content from YouTube raises a number of copyright concerns. For a very thorough discussion of this and a variety of ways to do this, read this excellent article from PC Magazine, “How to Download Videos from YouTube.”

​Use the Embed Code widget in Weebly to embed a video file found on a Web 2.0 site like TeacherTube or YouTube.

Since I’m using WordPress for this website, I’ve used the embed code to show the following video from my YouTube channel.

Include one or two paragraphs on your page explaining how you can use video files in your teaching.

I use a lot of video examples in my teaching to further explain complex topics. For example, in my AP Music Theory class, I have videos where I show a live analysis procedure for a Bach chorale. I talk through my thought process to demonstrate the procedure for students learning how to analyze harmonic function, non-chord tones, etc. Students have found this extremely useful in developing strategies in analysis.

Using videos of other high school chorus performances shows the importance of stage protocol better than explaining. It clearly shows why there are rules for performance. This process is applicable across all performing arts disciplines.

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