What are sampling rate and sample resolution?

Sampling rate is the number of times per second an audio signal is measured. Sample resolution is the number of levels of volume found in each sample. Basically, the higher the sampling rate, the more brilliant the sound; the higher the sampling resolution, the less noise in a recording.

Explain bit rate and its effect on the audio quality of a compressed audio file.

Bit rate for audio files works exactly like image files. The higher the bit rate, the higher quality file.

Name the two most common uncompressed audio file formats.

PCM or Pulse-Code Modulation is the most common audio format used in CDs and DVDs. WAV is the Microsoft/IBM-developed wrapper for PCM data. AIFF is the Apple-developed wrapper for PCM data.

Name the two most common compressed audio file formats.

MP3 and AAC

Name two audio file formats that support digital rights management.


Create a link on your page to an audio file you created.

MUSIC TIP 1A Summer 2017 Blues – please keep in mind that this was a quick and dirty project I put together in a couple of hours at a training. Thanks! 

What file format constitutes your editable original?​ What file formats are generally shared via the internet?

The editable original file format will be whatever native format your audio processing software uses. The exportable file format should be an .mp3, .wav, .aiff, or several other options.

​Optional – embed that same audio file on your page using the Embed Code widget in Weebly.

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MUSIC TIP 1A Summer 2017 Blues – please keep in mind that this was a quick and dirty project I put together in a couple of hours at a training. Thanks! 

How can you download an audio file for use in an offline presentation?

Purchase music from a variety of digital media outlets like iTunes or Amazon music. The MP3 will be available in your Music folder for use as you please.

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