2024 Epic EPCOT Photo Scavenger Hunt

Welcome, PCCA Orchestra, to an exciting adventure at EPCOT! Below are the tasks for your photo scavenger hunt. You’ll need to work together in teams, navigate through the park, and snap creative photos to complete each challenge. Remember to follow all park rules and be respectful to other guests. Let the fun begin!


1. Each competitive team must have 3-6 members. Teams may travel together in groups.

2. Photos must be clear and include team members to count.

3. Complete as many achievements as possible before 9pm.

4. Stay with your group at all times.

5. In case of a tie, the team with the most creative or artistic photos will be declared the winner.

Team Achievement Menu

1. Moment of laughter among your team members.

2. Team with a street performer.

3. Team with a Disney character.

4. Team in the garden maze.

5. Create a human totem in Canada with your team members.

6. Team member(s) imitating a topiary in front of that topiary.

7. Team members wearing hats (berets, sombreros, etc).

8. Capture a colorful scene in EPCOT.

9. Team member making a funny face on a ride.

10. Find and photograph the longest line in EPCOT.

11. Capture a moment of teamwork among your team members.

12. Team members at Club Cool. +1 for a Flavor Tier List.

13. Team members with the JAMMitors.

14. Your team pretending to launch into space at the Mission: Space attraction entrance.

15. Your team’s silhouette in front of Spaceship Earth at sunset.

Special Award Categories

• Foodie: Most menu items

• World Traveler: Team photos from all 11 World Showcase countries.

• Topiary Tycoon: Most topiaries

• Flower Power: Most flowers

• Social Media Maven: Most social media posts with #gopcca

• Movie Magic: Most movies watched

• Music Mania: Most live music shows

• Hat Hijinks: Most hats

• Hidden Mickeys: Most hidden Mickeys


• Text/call Mrs. Adair in case of emergency.

• Post photos with the hashtag #gopcca throughout the day.

• The final show starts at 9pm and is 17 minutes long.

• Be on time to the bus. We roll at 9:30pm. Don’t be late.

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